Cosmos Shoe Advertisement

Project Description and Samples

Advertisement: Cosmos Basketball Shoe On One of Saturn's Moons

This project involved the development of a magazine advertisement for a fictitious brand of basketball shoes. The advertisement required a sci-fi theme and after a few concepts, I came to the solution of showing an astronaut wearing the shoe while playing a game on the moon. As the project developed, the location changed to one of Saturn’s moons in order to mirror and highlight the shoe’s logo.

Project requirements:

  • Full color
  • Magazine must spread across two 8.5" x 11" pages
  • A large headline with sans serif font
  • A 60-word long paragraph not exceeding 2 inches in width or 12 points
  • An outer space theme with stars, planet(s), and a gradient nebula cloud
  • The product should be illustrated as photorealistic as possible

Category: Graphics

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