Jolly Humor Advertisement

Project Description and Samples

Jolly Humor Ice Cream Advertisement

This image was created as a Photoshop-based print advertisement to redesign and update the image of a fictitious ice cream company, Jolly Humor Ice Cream. I chose to create a design that, although aimed at adults, would instantly attract the attention of children, the target market. This design enforces the idea that the product doesn’t just fulfill a basic need or provide a brief moment of joy, but instead creates precious memories that can can last a lifetime.

Project requirements:

  • Digitally manipulated imagery, head, body copy, logo, and slogan
  • At least 3 scans of photos
  • At least 10 layers, including adjustment layers
  • Composite techniques: layer masks, blending modes, opacity, gradients painting, tools, filters, etc.
  • Very clean layer masking, saved selections, if needed
  • Leveled scans

Category: Graphics

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