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Infographic Demonstrating that the Amount of Tickets Sold Is Just As Important to a Movie's Success
This infographic depicts movie ticket prices compared to the amount of tickets sold. Movies are typically judged by how much money they make, but is that really an accurate estimation of whether or not a movie is a success? Why are movies ranked by the amount money they make and not by the number of tickets sold? Just because a movie makes a lot of money, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s been the most successful in terms of people seeing it. At the time of making this illustration, Avatar held the record for the most money made with average ticket prices around $7.50. This means that roughly 370,000,000 tickets were sold. Gone with the Wind, on the other hand, has sold over 1.6 billion tickets. At $7.5 a ticket, this would be roughly $12 billion, well above Avatar’s $2 billion.

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